The Fall of Consequence and the Anarchist Summit

The fall of outcome

Our top tale is the fall of result, capital of hellifyno, to the blended forces of the summer and iciness fae. Tonight the authorities of the planet is in exile, her citizens are terrified, and the road ahead looks grim.

The war started at twilight, in the course of a political summit organized by means of the authorities of hellifyno on the behest of the political agitators called the anarchists. As the female echo made an eloquent speech calling on all events to find peace and compromise, the air was shattered with the sound of violent explosions, mixed with an eerie sing track carnival tune that regarded to return from every route.

Minutes later a horde of light faced clown infantrymen seemed marching on the horizon. Beside them arose a blended multitude of fae warriors consisting of giant gummi bears, purple fluffy acid spewing elephants, red and white striped bullet proof giraffes, glass monstrosities, cotton sweet creatures, and contortionists shooting razor sharp shards of popcorn. The force quick surrounded the town and commenced urgent an assault against it from all facets.

Within the summit, panic arose as members of the anarchist enterprise fanned out into the gang with navy precision and commenced murdering residents with hid guns. Guards and soldiers attending as protection officers put up a valiant effort trying to defend humans against these attacks; however, the suicide strategies of the anarchists proved overwhelming.

Lord executive havoc and proconsul tye sampson had been visible disappearing from the summit on the time of the assault. It changed into later found out that they had suspected treachery, and had attended the convention via holographic imaging so one can permit them to speedy make their manner to the army in case of trouble. This allowed them to right away take command of the forces of hellifyno and mount a protection. Unluckily, their suspicion had been of treachery from inside, by using the anarchists, which left the town vulnerable to assault from outside by means of the fae contingents.

The character of this war became exceptional then in preceding assaults, because the forces of summer and wintry weather fae appeared as a way to attention on confronting the hellifyno soldiers, as opposed to attacking one another. Many experts agree that the preceding successes of the planet’s armies in opposition to fae forces that hugely outnumbered them might be attributed to the foe lacking attention, apparently extra rationale on killing one another than on wiping out the hellifyno forces. This possible new located cooperation could be a grim turn within the course of this war.

Throughout the battle every effort became made through herd workers and individuals of the civil defense branch to evacuate citizens from the metropolis, but the velocity and tenacity with which the fae attacked left little time for emergency techniques. While many people have been capable of escape thru portals, it’s miles feared that there are nevertheless hundreds of residents trapped interior of the location of fae occupied consequence.

Refugees, along with many members of the authorities, relocated to emergency facilities which had been installation in the rebuilt caverns below retribution rock. This is wherein participants of the vaunted “magical resistance” fled after the initial invasion by way of the slayers almost a year ago. Destroyed in the course of the warfare, the caverns were rebuilt by lord government havoc upon reclaiming the planet, and now constitute an tricky and closely defended castle of stone, metal, and supernatural wards.

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